rashid elhawli

Writing Feels

Writing. It is a personal favourite when it comes to relieving a burden off my chest. There is a freedom to it that can’t be explained, only felt. The raw emotion, the power of words and the ability to evoke a response from the reader are all part of its majesty.

It mesmerises when engaged by a master. It can brighten your mood, uplift your spirit, darken your soul and send you to the gallows all at the same time. It is the power of writing. In fact, once many leaders discovered and adopted it as a part and parcel of governance, it was donned to be a form of ‘magic’.

You would no longer need to keep all information stored in your head. It could be documented and preserved for many more years than an individual’s life-span. Words were indeed timeless. They could take you on a journey through time without needing a time-machine.

They well up tears of joy, crush your dreams or even render you speechless. It is the power of writing. In the hands of somebody that appreciates its value, it is a weapon like no other. In the grasp of a fool, beware of its ability to make the truth appear a lie and a lie the truth. It is the power of writing.

It can allow you to transcend into a fictional land that has been designed for you by a manipulator of its powers and create a world that only exists in your mind. It is so powerful, you can even forget your current reality and use that world as an escape from your real-world problems. It is the power of writing.

For some, it wells up a sense of national pride, an urge to serve and put their bodies on the line. Others it pushes to opposition, sedition and making it their life-time goal to be a thorn in the patriot’s side. It is the power of writing.

It polarises, is responsible for paradoxes and it’s understanding by individuals leads to varying interpretations even on the same text, read with the same eyes! It is the power of writing. It’s marvel is endless and my admiration for its power is also infinite. These pages are unfortunately limited and time doesn’t permit to continue without an end-in-sight.

Although writing’s power is worth much more than these quickly dotted points, its value is only held in esteem by those who understand its usefulness. Indeed, it is the power of writing!




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