rashid elhawli

It’s NOT all about you!

In a society that has become pre-occupied with fulfilling individual wants, we have forgotten the importance of community. The importance of giving of ourselves to benefit others. This is a concept I like to call being of benefit to others.

If you know anything about philosophy, you know they can argue for hours on end and still not come to a definitive conclusion. However, there is something they don’t disagree about, that is that true happiness comes from giving, not taking.

So, why do I mention that? Our consumerist culture, has meant that we are constantly wanting people or organisations to provide convenience for us as individuals. If it’s an app or website, it’s not allowed to glitch, because how dare we wait. Any company service needs to happen at lightning speed, otherwise they lose our attention and ultimately their customer.

Marketers and salespeople thrive on our need for convenience, commonly citing the fact that consumers have a focus of 8-9 seconds. If you can’t catch them within this time period, you may have potentially lost yourself a customer or a sale. I myself worked in sales for over a year and implemented this concept.

When cold-calling, I wouldn’t use the common introduction method but rather resorted to trigger or buzzwords. These trigger or buzzwords would baffle the potential client and lead them along the line of thinking I wanted them to head down.

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking, where on earth is this heading. That’s well within your rights, now let me bring it altogether. The things mentioned above are symptoms of our society’s shift towards an individualistic lifestyle. A lifestyle increasingly becoming dictated by what we want as individuals, rather than channelling it into the way we can benefit those around us and society as a whole.

Some may misunderstand this for an attack on people attaining success and becoming rich and famous. This is completely not the case, in fact the way we define success I will comment on in a future post. A little snapshot of that post may lead along the line of using the above as tools rather than defining them as goals within themselves.

On a final note, I would like to also critique the way we give to others. Many businesses and people, give in order to receive something in return. That is not the kind of giving I am eluding to here. It is a type of service to others that people who volunteer in many not-for-profits entertain and it is that of not expecting a return.

Innately, we think that for every action there must be some sort of compensation, whether it be short or long term. In this type of giving, the return is not tangible or able to be seen. In fact, I can’t explain what kind of reward lies on the other side of helping others without expecting anything in return. I’m hoping you may be able to tell me how it felt for you instead.

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