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3 ways to rethink success

January 15, 2018 0

Societal definitions of success are not those written in dictionaries, but rather those defined by who we idolise. I say this because I believe it is a root cause of many of the obvious social problems we face today. Depending on the socially constructed prototype of who we deem successful, we begin to revere those…

By rashid

Writing Feels

January 13, 2018 0

Writing. It is a personal favourite when it comes to relieving a burden off my chest. There is a freedom to it that can’t be explained, only felt. The raw emotion, the power of words and the ability to evoke a response from the reader are all part of its majesty. It mesmerises when engaged…

By rashid

Mum’s the word

November 16, 2017 0

“Number 328 to Consultant Room 12 Blue” I spun around in my chair and stood up, opening the door. My partner sat at the only place available-the bed. We were sitting in our own consult room at fracture clinic, taking in turns to see patients. The one we had just called in was a woman…

By rashid

Bit of good, bit of bad

September 24, 2017 2

“So how do we do this what are we doing?” We peered at the computer screen as my partner typed her login. “Goddamnit, we need to set a new password.” I have yet to see a hospital computer using at least a Windows XP and this one was no exception. As the screen loaded slowly…

By rashid

Family Meeting

September 22, 2017 1

“…and unfortunately,  Jacqueline,  he is going to die.” There was silence.  The nurse rested a hand on Jacqueline’s back. Her face was blank, and she stared unblinkingly at the space above the consultant’s head. Then at once, as if her control had completely snapped, her face crumpled. Her tears were silent. No-one moved. It was…

By rashid

One Of Them Orientals

September 18, 2017 1

“He’s a bit grumpy this one, but we’ll see how he is.” It was just me and the Gen Med APT, as we had chosen to divide and conquer (the patient list). She was a wonderful woman and thanks to her and the rest of the team I had been thoroughly enjoying my rotation with…

By rashid

Mr Henry Wallace

September 12, 2017 0

Mr Henry Wallace (pseudonym) was a 70 year old gentleman who upon first impression I perceived to be a friendly, but world-weary man. He had a myriad of health conditions, of which he claimed his inability to walk to be the most important. We took his history, and in discovering he was a diabetic, was experiencing…

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September 6, 2017 0

“Oh hello, I’ll find you one of the registrars, I’m just the resident.” I scurried after him with an internal sigh, wondering who I was going to be palmed off to next. I was in an Orthopaedics Fracture Clinic, and was hoping to get something practical out of my session (such as ticking off necessary…

By rashid

Mistakes Were Made

August 30, 2017 0

“So Priscilla, what can you tell me about cirrhosis?” As per usual, my mind went blank. Two months into placement and my brain had yet to successfully retrieve and open fire responses to questions within a reasonable amount of time. To confuse it even further, I had just finished a cardiovascular and respiratory rotation and…

By rashid

A Balancing Act

August 22, 2017 0

Life, for all of us, has always been about balance. It might, I say with exuberant sarcasm, surprise you to know that this is certainly the case for a medical student. All aspects of one’s life comes under a certain amount of strain for this select group of masochists, whose sole purpose appears to revolve…

By rashid