rashid elhawli

Breaking The Conformity Chain

It’s not a sudden realisation, but it is a realisation nonetheless, most of us find it so much easier to just ‘go with the flow’. That flow can be for either good or bad. We often just find ourselves following whatever everybody else is doing. It seems as if, many are hardwired to follow what the majority are following.

This manifests itself in so many different aspects of our society. In fact, so many corporations and industries thrive on it. Take celebrities and stars of all kinds as an example. They are often creating waves with the latest in fashion trends, whether it be the dab, the mohawk, ripped jeans and many others. We find that many among the millions of followers these people possess, will see this as a reason to do the same. This doesn’t necessarily indicate something negative however, in many aspects we limit ourselves when we cannot think beyond the confines of the group.

Furthermore, if it wasn’t for those among us who were able to pry away from the conformity in thinking in the past, our societies wouldn’t have advanced. The industrial revolution wouldn’t have occurred, medicine would have stayed mere evidence lacking herbal remedies and our society would still be travelling on horse-back!

Before I proceed though just a word of caution, this kind of mentality and mindset is only for those who are able and willing to endure the consequences of non-conformity. I will tell you why this warning was issued. What tends to occur is that when one deviates from the systemic thinking of all those that surround them, this can be misunderstood as a rejection of the surrounds.

This often leads to those who decide to deviate from the general brain chain, being viewed as outcasts and end up leading solitary lives. The solitary nature of their lives is necessary in order to cultivate their minds that can not be sustained by the simple nature of the many lives around them.

The ability to be comfortable with one’s own company, allows them to envision, imagine and broaden their scope. They will no longer settle for the status quo that swarms the world around them, but will continue to search for ways to improve their surroundings.

We are social beings, therefore such a livelihood is not for the faint of heart. Hence the above mentioned caution. Many, in fact the majority, will not deem this a suitable way of living and that is why these people are so few and memorable in our common history.

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