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Being a people person

A people person is that guy/girl you know that seems to effortlessly manage to get along with anybody they come across. These people are few and far between, so focussing on replicating their model is difficult, albeit handy.

In saying that, I think it’s preferable to focus on developing new skills, racking up personal accolades and working diligently towards your goals. The ‘soft skills’ that these people possess can be part of the skills you acquire, however it is better to favour action over talk, as action begets results.

Action is the key to progress, being able to charm your way into a relationship is great, but if there’s no substance eventually you’ll be found out and it’ll all fall in a heap. This applies in both personal and professional circles.

In many professional circles, it is typically those who can get along with others that do well, right? Yes and no. If this is followed up with strategic action and continual productive meet-ups, then that’s a pretty decent recipe for optimal performance.

However, if you’re like me and like to remain low key doing your thing. Know that it’s also possible, but you should aim to develop your own little network relevant to where you’re heading. That way you have people to discuss, exchange and bounce ideas off. It’s also a way of ensuring your mind is on track rather than going down a path of no return.

Along the way, you might reach stages where you feel insensitive towards others while you attempt to achieve and progress. Learn from these situations, but don’t mull over them as they have the potential to really bog you down. Especially if you’re the kind to often empathise and feel bad for others.

One way to think of it, is that by helping yourself now you can better help others down the track and in a broader capacity.

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    1. I’ve seen so many beat themselves up about not being able to ‘easily’ get along with others. Thought it’d be good to remind them that eventually you will find those you connect with, but more important is not settling and working to continually develop

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